Below are several Japanese terms you may come across while viewing this site and their English equivalent. Also, do note that due to difference of culture, not all definitions are to be regarded as western folklore. The Japanese have different representations and images of folk creatures than North Americans and Europeans.

manga-ka (mon-ga-ka)
- author/artist of Japanese comic books

oni (oh-nee)
- an ogre; not to be confused with the translation of a devil

oni-kui (oh-nee-kwee)
- a creature that eats ogres; Sugino frequently refers to Haruka as such, meaning "ogre-eater"

tengu (ten-goo)
- a goblin; legendary winged creatures of power

yokai (yo-kai)
- meaning demons or monsters; in the case of Tactics, more so monsters and spirits than the demonic

youkai (yo-kai)
- see yokai (simply a different spelling)

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