Quick Stats

Name: 一ノ宮勘太郎 (Ichinomiya Kantarou)
Age: Mid-to-late twenties
Birthplace: (Unknown), Japan
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Profession: Folklorist, Writer and Exorcist
Education: Historian

Basic Profile

Kantarou is more or less our main character whom we follow throughout the series, focusing on his relations with the other characters, and the effects of the past on current situations.
His character is seemingly simplistic but entirely complex and possesses a lot of depth. From appearance he's slender and young, defying the law of age just slightly. He can come off simple-minded, and takes procrastination to a new level when writing articles regarding the supernatural and folklore for a local magazine of sorts.
However, his side job is a highly trained exorcist, most likely due to years of teachings and experience. It isn't hard to observe a completely different side of him when he deals with demons and the supernatural. His childish innocence seems to wash away, revealing someone dedicated, highly intellectual, and strong of will. He has an understanding of other people and the ability to see their many secrets and faults. His only flaw, nevertheless, is the inability to see the profundity and many problems associated with himself and people close to his heart.
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