Below are explicit and general questions I'm prone to receiving. So to save you the time it would take to write an e-mail, and to save me the time it would take to respond to you, here is some sanity fodder. If you have a specific question that hasn't been addressed below, let me know.

What is your personal take on the Haruka/Kantarou relationship?

When making character or series shrines, I always strive not to "pick sides" on many matters, and more or less present solid facts without personal tinges. You're here to learn facts about Kantarou, not my questionable opinions. Though, to be quite honest, I am a yaoi fan thus I do support the romantic relationship between the two. However, that is not to say I do not understand that there is more evidence of a strong friendship in the series than romance. If anything, the series is slashy, but it encourages shounen-ai fans rather than fulfilling their boy-on-boy desires. Though regardless, no one can deny the fact there is a strong emotional relationship between the two characters. How you interpret it, on the other hand, is personal choice.

Can we affiliate our Tactics sites?

Due to the lack of Tacitcs related sites at this point and time, this site will remain affiliate free. Regardless, I am accepting link exchanges with other Tactics based sites, fanlistings and shrines. All you need to do is e-mail me and ask.

Will you make me _____?

For anything graphic related, please visit my graphic design site, Invisus Designs, or online portfolio, Akedia.net.

Where can I read/watch Tactics?

If you want an English translation of the manga, the series was licensed to ADV (in which they released two volumes), and was later re-licensed to TokyoPop. The anime series, too, has been officially licensed to Manga Video.

Can I submit fanfiction and art?

To submit fanfiction, fan art, or character resemblances, please click here to read the rules and fill out the forms. If you are interested in submitting scans or wallpapers, feel free to give me a shout. I thoroughly appreciate donated media, and do note that all contributors will be credited.

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