Series Overview

Tactics, originally starting as a manga by Sakura Kinoshita and Kazuko Higashiyama and later turned into an addicting TV series, tells the story of a young folklorist, Kantarou Ichinomiya. Being "different" all his life, he finally found a way of life thanks to the whisperings of a legendary tengu, depicting the strongest of all yokai kind. With a promise to himself to grow stronger, Kantarou spends his life in search of this tengu's resting place and vows to break the creature's seal. Never did he know such actions would project his odd yet simple lifestyle further into the depth of mystery, horror and suspense.
The series goes from one mystery to another needing to be solved or "taken care of" by our protagonists, Kantarou and Haruka (the tengu). Though after several episodes, the true antagonists reveal themselves; hunters after Haruka's life for a past he cannot remember. When the innocence of old days fades into the distance, characters that have lived a life of solitude and loneliness will find that perhaps they are anything but alone, and with a bit of belief, they may be able to survive the enemy and each other.


To date, there are ten published volumes of Tactics. Since its first publication in 2001, chapters have run in Japanese magazines Comic Blade Masamune, Comic Blade Avarus and G Fantasy. The series is aimed towards a male (shounen) audience, but has a hefty female following, partially due to the debatable relationship between Kantarou and Haruka. Publishers of the series include Mag Garden and Square Enix.

Episode Listings

The following list displays the anime episode numbers and titles. Please note that none of the following present synopses or further information. This is a character shrine, not a series tribute. Please visit the links page for further Tactics information.

01 - A Black Tengu Awakens
02 - Yoshiwara's Mysterious Yearning
03 - Mountain Fairytale
04 - The Forbidden Portrait
05 - A Man Who Dances in the Dark
06 - The 9:07 P.M. Ghost Train
07 - Alluring Call
08 - She's a Fox
09 - Yome Island Mystery Tale
10 - The Word of the Wind (Part One)
11 - The Word of the Wind (Part Two)
12 - Tengu and Roses
13 - The Nightmare in the Sea of Trees
14 - The Woman Who Loved Books
15 - With the Summer's End Cicada Comes the Rain
16 - Alas! The Lament of the Newlyweds
17 - British Beauty
18 - The Mystery Society
19 - Maple-Coloured Love
20 - Daughter's Ballad, Oni's Racket
21 - Gateway to Memory
22 - Blue Eyes
23 - Snow Scene of Glass
24 - Hearts in the Distance
25 - Invisible Strength (Mienai Chikara)

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