The Nakesake

As most cultures dictate, someone or thing's name illustrates its many attributes and appearances, achievements and faults. For Tactics, the manga-ka took great care in choosing the characters' names. Please note that all connections and statements are purely hypothetical.

Analysis of the Name

The name Kantarou displays your habit of procrastination and lack of self confidence. Though you are unable to discover your true ambitions and sentiments, you live to comprehend others and bring forth their happiness and understanding. However, due to your lack of self-understanding, you may often find yourself unsatisfied, unhappy, and lacking achievement.
Your name reflects your aspiration to resolve the conflicts of others and bring them a sense of peace. In turn, you dislike hatred, and have a great distain for witnessing the contempt of others. Feeling helplessness tears away at you and can plague you with darkened thoughts.
You have a deep love for people in general, though dislike complicated relationships or being taken advantage of. You're easy to make friends and work well with about everyone. However, if someone hurts you, it takes you a while to shed their derision.

Characteristic Connections

To start with the first statement, throughout the series, we are given more than a good glance of Kantarou's proneness to procrastination (his writing and folklore research), and he does display a lack of self-confidence in his abilities and heart when it comes to emotional or tactical issues. However, his understanding of others is impeccable. He may appear childish or immature at times, but he is able to analyze a situation and a person's intentions and actions before any other character can catch on.
Kantarou works diligently to rid his friends, co-workers and complete strangers of scorn, and will even sacrifice himself to calm any storm. In addition, most likely due to his lonely past of rejection, he has a deep distain for sentiments of hatred and indifference, thus ultimately tries to overcome them. We are also given glimpses of how he tears himself apart on the inside, becoming numb and deathly, when faced with a fruitless strife or circumstance.
His love for both people and creatures of the paranormal is overly evident, and he tends to easily befriend spirits and demons. His relationships, however, are quite complicated, and he willingly strives to keep them, regardless of the odds or opinions of others. (The only contradiction.) This, more or less, displays his awkward yet admirable ways of loving.

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