The Movie           Based on the best-selling memoir Girl, Interrupted by Sussana Kaysen, the film adaptation starring Winona Ryder, Angelia Jolie, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Clea DuVall, and Jared Leto, among others, tells the story of eighteen-year-old Susanna Kaysen who is sent to Claymore, a mental hospital, after attempted to commit suicide. Set at the dawn of the Vietnam War, Susanna soon realized she is perhaps the sanest person at Claymore, and yet she cannot leave. Though, as time passes, she soon befriends the many patients, and develops a deep connection with Lisa, the wild and conniving sociopath. It is a story of women and friends in the hardest of situations, and also a battle of life and to be "cured". Though, as the movie continuously reminds us, is anyone ever mentally stable?


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