Gasaraki is a story of transcending fates, mental friction, abused faiths, forbidding romance, and technological war. The Gowa's, an ancient family bathed in wealth, power and ancient customs, rule Japan from the shadows, as they also rule one another. Yushiro Gowa is the youngest son and puppet, gifted and cursed with a deathly special ability. He is a kai, someone with the aptitude to call upon the god Gasaraki. Though, while performing a ceremony, he encounters a young girl within his subconscious telling him not to complete the summoning. Who is this mysterious girl? Why did she appear? And how are the two connected? Within the heat of war, an international struggle for supremacy, and two forces thirsting for the power of Gasaraki, two people from opposite sides will strive to finally set things rightówithin death, imprisonment, and each other.
This 25 episode series, originally written by Hajime Yatate and Ryosuke Takahashi, first aired in Japan during 1998, and was later translated into English and released in North America by A.D.Vision, Inc. in 2001. Original planning by Sunrise. Screenplay by Toru Nozaki.


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