For those interested in joining, I ask you read over and familiarize yourself with the terms and regulations listed below. Thank-you.

1) Quite simply, be an actual fan of the song "Ares" and/or Camui Gackt.

2) You must submit a valid e-mail address that is actually yours. If you do not want your e-mail address publicly displayed on the fanlisting that is understandable. Simply choose that option when filling out the forms. Regardless, your e-mail address is required for the joining process.

3) You must list the country you currently reside in.

4) If you have a website you must put a code up on your site, linking back to this fanlisting. This code must also be valid and visible when I view your site. I'd recommend placing the code up before joining. If the code is not there when I view your site, I will not link to it. (Note: You do not need a website to join.)

5) I do not care what language your site is in, or what it is about, but I will not accept any porn, hentai or hate sites. Everything and anything else is fine.

6) If you ever need to edit or fix your member information, do not fill out the joining form again. Click here to fill out the update form.

If you accept these terms, please feel free to continue on and fill out the joining forms.

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