What is "Ares"?
"Ares" is a Celtic-like song sung and composed by Camui Gackt, a Japanese musician and artist. This song is featured on his debut solo album, "MARS" (that was released in 1999), as the first track.
"Ares" is very spiritual and calming, the lyrics soothing yet depressive, and Gackt's voice is simply flawless. As for what language the song is in... Gacktanese?

      Who is this "Gackt"?

This fanlisting, in general, concerns the music of the provocative Japanese artist, Camui Gackt (pronounced Ka-mu-ee Ga-ku-to). He made his first major debut on the music scene back in 1996 when he became the lead vocalist for the visual kei band Malice Mizer. (Gackt was Malice Mizer's second vocalist; the original, Tetsu, was fired along with the drummer, Gaz, in 1993.) Gackt gave Malice Mizer a new breath of stardom during the mid to late 90s, bringing them from nowhere to the ideal top of gothic music with his haunting voice and beautiful face. Though, in 1999, due to differences of mind between band members (mostly Gackt and Mana, the lead guitarist and founder) Gackt ended up leaving the band.
For several months nothing was heard of from him, and fans were only left to wonder, "What the hell happened? Was he shot? Did he commit suicide? Did Mana chain him to a bed and rape him to bloody death?!" (Okay, maybe not the latter, much.) Finally, after much anticipation and fangirls ready to sacrifice themselves on the threshold, Gackt appeared from practically nowhere (actually, he was in LA, recording, but shush) and released his first single "Mizérable", which was an instant hit and jumpstarted his solo career that was also fuelled by fans from his days with Malice Mizer and fresh new meat... err... I mean a new genre of fans.
Since then Gackt has had a strong musical career with the release of seven albums and more than twenty-two singles. In addition, he has stared in the vampiric film of friendship and betrayal, Moon Child, has written an autobiography, and has the main character of a video game modeled after him (Lou of Bujingai).
Regarding his music, since the debut of his solo career he has composed all his music and written all his lyrics. And not only does he sing, he plays multiple instruments and is usually seen on stage with a guitar or sitting behind a piano. As for languages, his music is generally in Japanese, though he has released a single or two in English and another in Mandarin. His music is roughly described as J-Rock and is nothing similar to the gothic style of Malice Mizer. Though, randomly, his old self shines through in some of his compositions.
As for the basic low-down on this guy, Gackt was born July 4th of an unknown year, which he claims is 1540, but not all fangirls (and guys) are that gullible. He's 3/4 Japanese, 1/4 British (or so he claims), born in Okinawa, Japan, with a blood type of A. He grew up in a strict house and always had music showed down his throat thanks to his musical parents. (It paid off though, didn't it?) He's a real perfectionist and strives to be The Best. Not the best, but The Best. (Not a bad quality contrary to popular belief.) His sexuality, like everything else about this guy, is a complete mystery, but nevertheless gives hope to both girls and guys around. And last but not least, his real name is not Camui Gackt. "So what is it," you ask. "Who knows," is my reply.
So there you go, my version of Gackt 101. If you are still craving more info on this sex god respectful artist, feel free to visit my affiliates page to satisfy your thirst. (Though, come on, with an "About" page like this, what more can you want? ^~)

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